Chuck Bucket FAQs

Q: Will my skis go flying out of the bucket when I hit a large bump?

A: No, believe me we have tried. We include a strap just to make sure.


Q: Won't someone steal my gear?

A: The Chuck Bucket was designed to work great with the MasterLock Python to secure and cinch your gear. They are inexpensive and easy to buy. We plan on stocking them ourselves soon.


Q: Won't my skis get all banged up or get covered in salt and rust!!!!

A: Not really, the bucket is coated with plastic similar to what your bases are made of. More damage is done to your tips in the parking lot or tram line. Rusty edges are usually due to storing wet skis together with the edges in contact with each other regardless of how they were carried home. Salt spray wasn't observed to be anymore than what was seen on a roof rack and drying your edges had more of an impact on rust formation. Keeping a drying rag around for your edges does wonders to prevent rust.


Q: How does it attach?

A: Similarly to a hitch bike rack, you insert it into a trailer hitch, secure it with a pin, and then tighten the anti-wobble screw. Boom Done.


Q: Is it just a ski rack?

A: We're glad you asked. It's also great for golf clubs, 2x4s (lots of them), Christmas trees, and whatever else you may want to carry behind your vehicle rather than inside of it. Weight limit of 150 lbs means there are tons of uses.


Q: Do you plan on releasing anything else?

A: Absolutely. The entire design is modular, so the bucket and securing arm are easy to remove from the base pole. We plan on creating a bike rack that uses the same base pole, as well as more accessories for storage. If you have any other ideas, send us an email!


Q: Doesn't your license plate need to be visible?

A: The requirements for license plate visibility vary by state. However, the Chuck Bucket will have mounting holes for license plates if you would like to remount your plate.