Chuck Rack FAQs

Q: Will the hooks damage carbon bars?

A: Nothing lasts forever, while we have a great durable rubber liner on our hooks we recommend people with carbon bars wrap the hooks and inspect them regularly. We plan on adding replaceable neoprene sleeves to our accessories during or shortly after launch.

Q: When do you plan on shipping?

A: We expect to be shipping in January of 2023.

Q: Will the hitch fit our bumper?

A: That depends on a lot of factors. See our dimensional image above for measurements from the hitch bolt location to the main vertical.

Q: Can it carry my ebike?

A: We put an 80lb limit on the two center hooks, 60 lb on the outer and 40lb on any add ons. Plus no more than 275 LBS MAX. Our hooks may not work with center stem mounted screens.


Q: Will this work with tandems?

A: Soon. We are working on a 24" tandem extension.

Q: Can I lock the rack? 

A: Yes our anti Wobble Hitch stud is compatible with most common hitch bolt locks. Master Lock or other brands sell a variety of locks that will fit all other needs. We recommend the master lock python as it is super versatile, cheap and feeds around frames well.

Q: Can I use it with my swing out hitch?

A: Yes but at your own risk. Our rack shouldn't break but it is non standard and adds a tremendous amount of load to the hitch receiver.

Q: Will this work with drop bar road bikes?

A: Yes

Q: What is your warranty?

A: For a period of 3 years Chuck Rack LLC will repair or replace free of charge any part(s) found upon examination by Chuck Rack to be defective in material or workmanship.

Q: Will this work with (insert random thing here)?

A: Maybe. It is a hook with a securing strap, use your best judgement but we don't warranty against non standard bicycle like contraptions.

Q: How do you keep the tires from spinning?

A: We include a strap to secure the front wheel either to other front wheels or to the bikes frame.

Q: Will I be able to upgrade if any parts are improved?

A: Yes, the design is modular and allows for end customers to replace parts without any special tools. Back into a fence? We can get you just the part you need. We will do our best to keep any improvements back compatible with older designs.

Q: Can the Chuck Rack tilt back while loaded with bikes?

A: Yes! It may require some assistance to disengage the locking mechanism while the bikes are lowered, and it can be heavy when fully loaded, but it definitely tilts back.

Q: Is Chuck Rack Patented?

A: Our design and novel folding storage system is patent pending!

Q: Why are shipping costs so high?

A: Due to global inflation and fuel costs, the price of shipping lately has doubled. In order for us to stay solvent, we need to keep our shipping expenses up with global change. Especially when we're offering such a low rate on our Kickstarter, we don't have margins to absorb variations in shipping costs when we ship these out.

Q: Can it be lighter?

A: Yes! We are working on Aluminum hooks that will have a lower weight rating of 40lbs but will knock about 6lbs off the upper rack assembly.

Q: Can I order an extra BASE Post so I can keep one installed on both cars?

A: Yes we have extra BASE Posts as an available Add-on

Q: Can I suggest another accessory I really want something that carries (your thing)?

A: Yes, Please shoot us an email

Q: Can I get it in a custom color?

A: Not yet but eventually we will offer custom colors for hooks and buckets. Custom colors will be made in the USA and powder coated to the customers specs at a local shop.