Keep Skiing Simple With The Chuck Bucket Ski Rack

The Chuck Bucket is not complex. It's literally a (padded) aluminum bucket that you can fill full of skis. Strap them in for safety, and you're off to the slopes!

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  • Tilts Back for Access

    The Chuck Bucket tilts to 36 degrees to allow trunks to open and allow access to the back. Full tilt upgrade plates are available also for jeeps, vans and other large clearance hatches.

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  • Haul More Than Just Skis

    The Chuck Bucket is versatile. Fill it with golf clubs, 2X4s, camping supplies, or anything else you don't want in a trunk.

  • Locks Up Tight

    We designed the Chuck Bucket to be compatible with widely available cable locks (such as the MasterLock Python) to keep your gear safe.

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Less Loading, More Shredding

Oh, and It's a Bike Rack

Forget about back-breaking rack installs and gnarly roof rack loading. Every piece of the Chuck Rack is lightweight, easy to install, and built for painless use.

  • Holds 4-6 Bikes

    The Chuck Rack comes standard with slots for 4 bikes and can be upgraded to 6 bikes as needed.

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  • Lightweight

    Each component of the rack weights 23 lbs or less (or 29 lbs with two extenders) so install is quick and easy.

  • Easy Storage

    The modular Chuck Rack can come apart and store less than two feet wide. Also compatible with other attachments, such as the Chuck Bucket ski rack.

Winter Sale

Score the Chuck Rack vertical bike rack for 20% off MSRP while supplies last.

It's easier to install, easier to store, and now cheaper than other 4-bike vertical racks. Get yours today, and add extenders as needed!

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